Elevate the aesthetics and safety of your commercial space with our Side Fixed Glass Balustrade, meticulously designed for seamless integration and durability. Our independently supported glass infill panels are ideal for post and rail balustrade systems, offering a sleek and modern look.

The glass panels are securely fastened to the posts using high-quality fittings such as proprietary glass clamps or welded brackets, ensuring stability and safety for high-traffic areas. Each panel is custom-shaped to fit the unique configuration of your balustrade, providing a tailored solution for every project.

Choose from a range of glass options, including clear, toughened, laminated, or tinted, to achieve the desired look and functionality for your space. Our infill panels can be seamlessly incorporated into any of our balustrade systems, offering versatility and flexibility for your project needs.

Choose Vision Architectural for your Side Fixed Glass Balustrade needs:

  1. 35 Years of Industry Experience: Benefit from our extensive expertise in delivering high-quality glass balustrade solutions tailored to commercial projects.

  2. Comprehensive UK Client Base: Join our satisfied commercial clients across the UK who trust us to deliver superior balustrade installations for their businesses.

  3. Nationwide Coverage: We cater to businesses throughout the entire UK, providing seamless service and support wherever you are located.

  4. Technical Assistance: Our dedicated team provides comprehensive technical assistance to ensure a smooth and successful project execution, meeting the specific requirements of your business.

Transform your commercial space with our Side Fixed Glass Balustrade. Contact us today to discuss your project and discover how our expertise can enhance your business environment.