April 13, 2022

Staircon CAD Tool

Staircon helps you design standard stairs quickly and easily, but also has flexible design features for the design and production of more advanced staircases. The modular structure of Staircon allows you to add functions at any time, when required. Offered via different licence levels from the web-based presentation version to the complete CAM/CNC production version.

Efficient manufacture of stairs 

Staircon CAM is the automated solution for controlling 3-5 axis CNC machines. We have made successful installations on all the major brands of machines for the woodworking industry. There are also licence modules to support other ways of production; manual production using full-scale templates or using 2D DXF files in external systems.

Future proof stair design 

Since 1999 when Staircon was first released our development team has been committed to providing a best in class software product to our customers. As stair design keeps evolving and technology advances, so does our product.

Technical Assistance

The range of technical services we cam provide
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